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on the hunt for the most beautiful wildparking spots, we were driving trough whole switzerland. click on one of the parking signs and get more information about the place!


from time to time men don't break hearts. especially then, when they are called henry, are made of quite a lot of metal and have a good portion of horsepower. the probability is high, that men do not break hearts, if they are a vw van t5. and exactly such a good guy accompanied us during our whole road trip, was make-up saloon, restaurant and five-star hotel at the same time. and had to go through quite a lot: twisty mountain passes, poor driving skills, breakdowns and cop encounters.

two girls

zurich and bern. too fast and too slow. capital in the heart and capital on paper. for ordinary citizens, there is an unwritten declaration of war between these two swiss cities. but not for célina and jessica. searched and found during their time at university, those two were able to kindle their love for each other’s canton. conclusion? bernese are not too slow, they just swear to much while driving. and people from zurich are not too fast, but they have the nerve-racking habit of constantly talking to themselves.

a love story

gopfedeckel huerre siech - switzerland is a real champ, when it comes to fulfilling clichés. this tiny, neutral corner of our world is bursting with mooing cows, rugged mountainsides and crystal blue lakes. why we know this? we packed ourselves into a vw van and drove off-highway trough our home country. we renounced clean toilets, warm showers and soft bedclothes, just because we had one goal in our minds: collecting the most breathtaking wild parking spots from all the 26 cantons switzerland is offering.